PT Semen Indonesia Sustainability Report 2017

Annual & Sustainability Reports Published: May 2018



PT Semen Indonesia is the largest cement producer in Indonesia. For the 2017 Sustainability Report, their big theme was “Enhancing Tomorrow”.

In 2017, Momentum Creative was chosen for the third time in a row to design and produce their sustainability report.

Since the client asked for ‘future’ concept design, we came up with an idea to fulfill their request. We decided to use kid’s doodle concept because those kids’ will lead the world in the few years. They drew their imagination about how the world will be in the future. We combined digital imaging as well as hand-drawn water-colored doodles, the final design boasted unique artistic properties for this sustainability report, further stressing the chosen theme.

creative idea by Momentum

design by Momentum Creative

Momentum Creative design

Momentum annual design  Annual report design