PT Semen Indonesia 2016 Sustainability Report

Annual & Sustainability Reports Published: May 2017



PT Semen Indonesia is the largest cement producer in Indonesia.

2016’s theme for Semen Indonesia highlights “Transformation for Sustainability,” which we visualize by using butterfly for the transformation, and greeneries for the sustainability.

Combining digital imaging as well as hand-drawn water-colored doodles, the final design boasts unique artistic properties for this sustainability report, further stressing the chosen theme. Not only design, Momentum Creative was also entrusted to oversee the production process. In order to wow the investor and the judge for the Sustainability Report Award, we decided to go with eco-friendly paper that are distinguishable by touch.

Vibrant colors to grab the readers’ attention.

Combining digital imaging with doodles makes it look both professional and fun!


Once again, numbers don’t have to be boring. We tell stories using numbers!

There are few ways to get your readers to read everything. And fortunately, we know them.

We make history enjoyable to read.