Pertamina EP Brand and Souvenir Design

Marketing Kit Published: May 2017



Pertamina EP is one of Pertamina’s subsidiaries which mainly engages in managing the upstream oil and gas production through a more manageable exploration and exploitation activities.

In order to commemorate Human’s Rights Day in December 10, 2016, which would be attended by RI1, Pertamina EP wanted to create beautiful souvenirs for their new oil rig in Wonocolo. They turn to Momentum Creative to help brand, design, and produce these agendas.

Real leather! Exclusive batik! Simple design! What else would you want in your agenda?

We have another style if batik is not your cup of tea.

We also designed beautiful slideshow for their booth presentation. Yay!

Postcards, too. These postcards are put inside the agenda so people can learn about Wonocolo’s history.

Oh, and eye-catching poster for their booth, too!