MaiCha Branding Project

Branding Published: Jul 2018



As a branding consultant, we designed a whole branding concept ideas for the Brand. It started from choosing name and tagline, then moving to visual development process (logo), and delivered it as stationery, promotional items, uniform, packagings, and so on.

The brand’s name is MaiCha. “Cha” is a Mandarin word means tea. It obviously describes what the business does.  Next, The “mai” word. When we pronounce “mai”, it’s the same with “my” which means mine. The others thing about “mai” also means selling in Mandarin.

The tagline of this brand is “Enjoy The Golden Tea Time”

Script typeface delivers images of creativity, playful, fun, and carefree. The leaf above the “I” represents tea leaf. The stroke over “A” letter symbolizes that MaiCha Brand will always be moving forward.

Momentum Design

MaiCha’s Logo

We offered several alternatives for its supergraphic. The first alternative used water-colours style with a red cheek little girl as the brand’s mascot. Since this brand targets the young women customers, we designed a happy, cheerful, cute, and young mascot. We named it “ChaCha”. This brand has Taiwanese style, so we designed “ChaCha” in Taiwanese version, through her clothes color and hairstyle.

alternative design

Alt-1 Mascot

Mock Up Packaging

Alt-1 Packaging

Designed by Momentum Branding and Design

Alt-1 Napkins

The second one used simple and elegant tea leaf. This supergraphic was approved by the client and we incorporated this supergraphic into all derivative design such as logo, packaging, stationery, social media template, menu, promotional items, etc.

Designed by Momentum

MaiCha’s Supergraphic and Logo

Packaging Design

MaiCha’s Packaging

Momentum Creative

MaiCha’s Packaging Pudding

Branding Agency Jakarta

MaiCha’s Polo Shirt

Momentum Jakarta

MaiCha’s Napkins

MaiCha Apron

MaiCha’s Apron

Branding Agency Momentum Creative

MaiCha’s Screen Saver

Momentum Creative Project

MaiCha’s Menu A3

Design Menu Board

MaiCha’s Menu Board

Designed by Momentum

MaiCha’s Opening Brochure

Dessert Branding Design

MaiCha’s Business Card