LightMEAL Brand Identity Development

Marketing Kit Published: Aug 2016



LightHOUSE is a weight-loss clinic whose target market demography is B+–A+. LightMEAL is one of their products: a premium low-calorie diet meal.

After conducting an in-depth analysis on LightHOUSE, their competitors, and their market, we developed a new brand identity that better suits LightHOUSE image and their target market preference.

The LightMEAL logo we developed was inspired by a silhouette of a pair of spoon and fork, a symbol of meal. The thin typeface of “Light” symbolizes the low calorie of the meal and the ideal body that the market strives for.

The bolder typeface of “meal” symbolizes that the meal is filling in spite of the low calorie count.

We decided to use black as the main color to highlight its elegance and to make it easier to apply to other media.

LightMEAL Branding LightMEAL Branding LightMEAL Branding LightMEAL Branding