Healthy Pleasure Brand Identity Development

Marketing Kit Published: Aug 2016



Healthy Pleasure is a brand featuring various healthy meal, such as muesli, chia seeds, granola, etc. They believe that diet should be tasty and fun as opposed to stressful.

In order to communicate this message properly to the client’s target market, we decided to use colorful palette with illustration of heart to symbolize love and health, as well as bite mark to indicate eating.

We chose to create a simpler logo with an attractive look to the client’s audience. The colors and tone of the brand is a unique combination of colors to make it look popping, fresh, organic, and tasty.


IMG_20160719_195835 IMG_20160722_122147 IMG_20160722_163226 IMG_20160726_130410 IMG_20160726_234039 IMG_20160802_132740 IMG_20160807_090514