Barito Calendar 2019

Calendar & Greeting Cards Published: Jan 2019



Calendar Design Project

Welcoming the year of 2019, Barito Group wanted a fresh design in their calendar. Momentum came up the new idea to highlight how big Barito Group is and what their success keys are.

The colors, graphics and elements were developed into a new circular concept; how Barito’s subsidiaries revolve and complement one another.

Displaying a big image of highlighted subsidiaries with its description below and circular graphics. We used some images that represent their subsidiary’s assets; such as human resources, manufactories, services, etc.

The color palette used is the combination of Barito’s green and blue color with an addition of orange to balance the cool colors (blue and green).

Momentum Creative Design

Cover Barito Calendar 2019


Momentum Creative Jakarta

Isi Barito Calendar 

Calendar Design Momentum Jakarta

Divider Barito Calendar

Designed by Momentumn Creative

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