PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk Annual Report 2017

Annual & Sustainability Reports Published: May 2018



2017 was a special year for CAP because it’s their 25th anniversary. The tagline for 2017 annual report was “Terus Berkembang: 25 Tahun Dedikasi Melayani Negeri” or “25 Years of Growth & Excellent”.

Years before, CAP always used photographs for its cover. In 2017, they asked for something new and unique. Then, we proposed illustration design style. Along with their celebration, we designed their cover with the number “25” and fill it with full of illustration.

If you see it thoroughly, we illustrated elements that represent their business, such as their staff, offices, and factories.

We mostly used blue tone color with little accent of silver color symbolized their 25th anniversary. As you know, 25th anniversary known as silver anniversary. Therefore, we added silver color to complete their 25th annual report design.

As the chosen annual report agency, we made sure their annual report along with the contents inside were in accordance with the OJK’s requirements.


Cover design by Momentum Creative Annual Report Design by Momentum Creative customized design by Momentum Creative Branding and Design Agency in Jakarta Design Agency in Jakarta